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Introducing Malús Arbide.

Malús Arbide is an artist and textile pattern designer. Her designs, which are applied both to traditional paintings as well as to a series of textile products, are characterized by the reinterpretation of images and contemporary objects, by her deliberate and professional manipulation of color and by her personal sense of experimentation.

At first glance, her pattern designs seem to follow the classic rules of small motif repetition together with an expert use of chromatic combination, but they also evoke surprise and affinity in the observer because of the themes incorporated: images of the sub-atomic world, molecules, computer architecture, biology, statistical diagrams or mathematical functions.

The fascination engendered by her designs has a lot to do with the microscopic unconscious, with the presence of objects which we know are close to us despite remaining invisible. Malús Arbide’s graphic configurations produce a sense of sophisticated seduction through the use of scientific matrixes and the structures of abstract knowledge. Despite the somewhat raw origins of her materials, her designs display a rare and welcoming elegance.

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