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Soplo-Arnasketa Saiakerak. Exhibition

25 artists are exhibiting their works, which deal with different aspects of the pandemic, at four venues in the city until 7 April 2021.

The exhibitions brought together in each space will revolve around a concept. Aimar Arriola, Andrea Estankona and Maite Martínez de Arenaza have curated this macro-project which, in their own words, has avoided a literal interpretation of the problem and has sought to address its poetic possibilities. The initiative stemmed from the BilbaoArte Foundation's 'Tras la tormenta' call, made public in mid-2020.

Martínez de Arenaza presented the exhibition panorama, which she defined as "of extraordinary quality", and explained the thematic peculiarities that will characterise each location.

The idea of home provides a common meaning to the pieces in the Basque Museum. Both the literal and the metaphorical sense of the term can be seen in the pieces by Charo Garaigorta, Irune Orbea, Javier Rodríguez Pérez-Curiel, Malús Arbide, Mikel Erkiaga and Iván Gómez.

My project combines a series of drawings representing my dreamlike visions during the months of confinement, with photographs of garments for personal use that were set aside and unusable during this period. It materialises in the form of an installation in which references to the act of sleeping/dreaming and abandoning/returning are combined.