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Wardrobe Design “Lau Noten Opera”

Last August 25th, the premiere of "Lau Noten Opera" took place in Tabakalera, for which I made the costumes, the poster and the graphic part of the set.

“Lau noten opera”, by Tom Johnson, is composed with exactly four notes skilfully moulded to make it seem endless, its five characters parodying the five voices of an opera, in a humorous choral comedy. According to a tradition that we inherit from the theatre, the characters do not need to be aware of their appearance on a stage. Their mission is to be completely obedient, to adapt themselves to the world that the author has created, leaving aside any kind of personal speculation.

The concept behind the wardrobe design for each of the performers originates in the simplicity of the silhouettes, and places emphasis on the textures, prints and graphics of the fabrics. At the request of the organization, elements of Basque folklore were also subtly introduced.

The opera in Basque is a co-production of Tabakalera and Quincena Musical. It is included within the contemporary music cycle of the music festival that celebrates its 80th anniversary this year.