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DIY Workshop. Textile Design and Digital Printing in Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum.

Theoretical-practical workshop that proposes an approach to pattern design.

The theoretical section of the workshop provides an approach to the techniques of creating a graphic pattern of repetition, and to the possibilities offered by current digital tools. The practical development, on the other hand, has as its objective the realization of a personal design project in the totality of its process, from the initial idea or sketch, to the rapport and concretion of the design for its correct production. Each participant has worked in the elaboration of a pattern, and obtained its design in a linear meter of digitally printed fabric.

Part of the workshop took place in the attic of the Getaria museum, a place with enormous charm, quiet and wonderful views over the Cantabrian Sea.
There was also a small room where we could take a break and have a cup of coffee.
The first day we chose a fabric on which to print each of the designs that were to be created during the workshop.
As is usual in the workshops I give on this subject, first we do a small manual exercise to understand the process of creating a rapport or pattern.
Subsequently and during the successive work sessions, each artist carried out their design project, which was to conclude with the creation of their own pattern prepared for digital printing.

On the last day, we received this roll of fabric printed with one meter of each of the designs created by the participants. Great suspense before opening it and seeing the results.
It seems that these mannequins were waiting for us in the attic of the museum to participate in the moment and share a staging. So, let's get to work, each designer took care of placing her textile piece, which in this way we could appreciate as a final work and also have an overview of all the designs.
The 11 well visible designs, and all well different!
The group of participants and the result of a work well done.